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Coffee with Idiots is a simple podcast based in Dayton, OH, covering everything from pop culture to politics and music to martial arts. The guys self-produce this bi-weekly masterpiece from the comfort of their cozy (small) apartment and record right from their kitchen table. 

Hosted by Brandon Berry and Tyler Wise.



Meet the Idiots

The Berry

Born somewhere near a cornfield in Northwest Ohio, Brandon Berry journeyed out of the womb and into his first brewery, resulting in his deep passion for Miller Lite (though, some may call that “alcoholism”). Shortly after, his grandma gave him his first cup of coffee, stunting his growth and leaving behind a taste that he wouldn’t soon forget. It wasn’t until he met his hero, Trevor D, that his ceaseless love for black coffee flourished. He’s a guitarist/vinyl-ist who wears crew-necks and backward caps ironically. Self-proclaimed writer, Trey & Matt enthusiast, and guy. Regrets include giving away that CSNY album for a Wham! cassette.


The WiSE

From his humble beginnings in rural Ohio to his humble twenties in the suburbs of Dayton, Tyler Wise has been humbled by a life of timidity and self-doubt. He will humbly accept any and all praise you send him. Turned onto God's Nectar by The Berry and countless 2 a.m. trips to Denny's, he is currently driven by caffeine addiction and a love for Miller Lite. He is now free from the soul-crushing university that he calls his alma mater, so Tyler steadily prepares for life in the real world, namely by watching "South Park" and eating scrambled eggs. Catchphrases include "uh" and "I thought it was funny." 


The Beau

Beauregard Spudley "Old Man" Jenkins: the idiots' chihuahua. One fateful evening, a lonesome eye seeking a companion spotted a crudely printed sign posted at the local Kroger. In that moment, the idiots knew they would soon have a new #beanie at home. Brandon and his girlfriend, who shall remain nameless for her own protection, followed the ad and brought home a shivering little pile of fear. As an homage to the late James Stewart, they named him Beau. He quickly won their hearts, slowly gained the leg strength to sleep on the couch, and eventually became the guard dog they needed, halting intruders with eardrum-piercing yaps. Hobbies include playing with socks and hiding from strangers.



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